How We Work

Transformative capital is informed, networked, and constantly adapting to work with the innovators disrupting large markets. It is a critical parameter in a long list of features that combine to realize exponential influence and disproportionate gains.

At 3one4, we believe you deserve nothing less than transformative.

We areTeam 3one4.

A Platform for Market Leadership

Businesses that achieve and maintain market leadership combine deep domain expertise, sustainable competitive advantages, and uncompromising customer experiences to build a gravity well around themselves. The biggest successes are accretive, dominating, and built upon compounding value extraction. This is what we’re working with you to optimize for.

By platformizing the insights from our journey so far building and helping scale several market leaders, we aim to infuse the strongest utilities at the right moments in your growth. Our network of highly focused, self-directed, and purpose-driven founders, mentors, and team members work together to mesh these learnings into a solid reference framework that serves as the grounding while you’re inciting tectonic shifts.