How We Work

Smart Money

Transformational capital is informed, networked, and constantly adapting to work with the innovators disrupting large markets. It is a critical parameter in a long list of features that combine to realize resilient and disproportionate returns. At 3one4, we pull the best resources together to help deliver audacious results.

Deep Involvement

Through a deep involvement model, the fund works with founding teams and subject-matter experts to prioritize and strategize for product-market fit. By connecting founding teams with the technology, networks, and community they need from initialization, we’re committed to staying biased towards action together.

Optimize for Domination

Defensible businesses combine deep domain expertise, sustainable competitive advantages, and uncompromising customer experiences to build a gravity well around themselves. The biggest successes are accretive and built upon compounding value extraction, and that’s what we’re optimizing for.

Investment Areas

Mapping Education To Outcomes

Platforms and technology-enabled services to prepare us all for the jobs of the future

Enterprise Intelligence & Automation

New frameworks and automated workflows that drive better decision-making and improve productivity across multiple focus areas.

Media and Content Development

Multi-format & multi-lingual content that can exploit new distribution strategies to serve rapidly evolving consumption behaviours.

Financial Technology

Helping a new generation earn, spend, save, and multiply smarter with highly accessible and multi-modal services.

Agricultural Technology

Leveling-up conventional farming techniques and supply chains through data-driven routines and technology-laced playbooks

Portfolio Companies
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Graphic India
I2E1 (Information to Everyone)
Bugworks Research
Magic Crate
Switch Me
Oust Labs
Darwinbox - The complete HR solution
Do Select Technical Recruiting

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