Sonal Saldanha - Investments & Operations @ 3one4 Capital

Sonal Saldanha

Sonal Saldanha is part of the Investment and Research team at 3one4 Capital.

He focuses on helping the fund with its core technology and product development, evaluating investment prospects, and working with portfolio companies to solve product, technology & growth-related challenges. He also orchestrates internal tooling that helps improve operational efficiencies through automating data ingestion and reporting routines across the fund’s verticals.

Sonal is also a co-founder at Numer where he builds a platform that aims to help young teams and small businesses understand and optimise accounting, finance, and compliance requirements just as well as they understand their business.

Prior to 3one4, Sonal had a brief stint at Indian Institute of Science where he worked on productising OCR and TTS tools for Indian languages. He holds a BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore.

Sonal is an avid reader, musician, and amateur climber.