3one4 Capital invested in Licious when we were just an idea, and they are now our first port of call for everything from strategic refinement to managing intricate decisions. Their unflinching belief in entrepreneurs through the vacillations of a growing business has demonstrated their commitment to keeping the founders’ interests at the forefront of every decision they make. The team at 3one4 doesn’t engage with founders through a myopic perspective but with a firm view of making the business successful and self-sustaining in every aspect. This rare and unmatched value system helps forge a high engagement model and very valuable long-term relationships. We have benefited immensely as a company throughout our journey with them from an idea stage to one of India's most loved gourmet food brands.

Abhay Hanjura - Co-Founder, Licious

Bugworks Research

As a cross-border startup in deep science, we are building in an area that has very few financial backers from India. In this context, for us to get excellent support from such a young investment team, has been an outstanding experience. 3one4 has taken a very refreshing attitude to investing in the early stage. This team never interferes in the daily operations, while providing us with excellent guidance and support on matters such as managing burn rates, setting up scenarios and models, global PR, and connects to a spectrum of international investors. It fascinates me that they have so much interest in the work we do and are our voice in many forums which attract high-quality investors and prospective partners. I do not doubt that 3one4 will become a premier cross-border investment firm and help create many great global companies. A no-nonsense, non-pretentious, highly efficient, caring and involved investor!

Anand Anandkumar - Co-Founder, Bugworks Research

Startup Village Collective (SV.CO)

Pranav and Siddarth at 3one4 Capital are the rare real “entrepreneurs” in the Indian venture capital industry. Possessing great clarity of thought and a grounded perspective of the future, Pranav and Siddarth make quick decisions, be it in business or governance. This, in turn, helps us founders think clearly as we envision and execute to build new futures that don’t exist today. Once you are part of the 3one4 network, an excellent team is available to support you in recruitment, key business development, introductions to future investors, product development, and financial governance - this helps extend valuable bandwidth for startup teams that are racing to do near impossible tasks in a finite time-frame.

Sanjay Vijaykumar - Co-Founder, SV.CO

Your Story

3one4 Capital has been a collaborative and trusted partner for YourStory. We have benefited immensely from their involvement in advising us on our growth and yet providing us sufficient headroom to chalk out our path. The team has demonstrated great sensitivity and appreciation of partnering with and supporting young entrepreneurs. Mr Mohandas Pai has especially been very helpful and generous in sharing his advice and helping us, and he is a wizard with numbers. Every meeting with him has made us better. I look forward to our continued partnership with this young, nimble, and highly approachable team.

Shradha Sharma - Founder, Your Story


As a founder, working with Pranav, Siddarth, and the 3one4 team has been an incredible experience. They are an extremely hands-on and accessible team. Working with them truly feels like a partnership and they have continued to support us on multiple cross-functional initiatives be it sales, marketing, recruitment, or tech. One thing that truly stands out is that they are probably amongst the few Indian VC teams that truly understand tech not just from a macro standpoint but at a highly granular level. Their inputs to our scale-up have been invaluable.

Jayant Paleti - Co-Founder, Darwinbox

Information to Everyone (i2e1)

If you have multiple term sheets, including one from 3one4, then just sign up with 3one4. Period. Two specific reasons amongst many others:
1. You not only get money but also access to a very strong network which will help your business in real quantifiable terms. We benefited at least INR 1 crore in various forms due to our association with 3one4.
2. There are very few investors, to our knowledge, in the Indian ecosystem who work with such fine balance of working closely with their companies and supporting them while still keeping them empowered and independent. 3one4 brings along a very smart, professional, and proactive team which is there to help you on various dimensions ranging from finance, strategy, and planning.

Satyam Darmora - Co-Founder, i2e1