Jugal Asher - Finance & Compliance @ 3one4 Capital

Jugal Asher

Jugal Asher is a member of the portfolio management team at 3one4 Capital with a focus on Finance and Reporting.

At 3one4, Jugal has built and spearheads several internal finance processes covering financial due diligence, deal evaluation and construction, fund performance and modelling, internal reporting, and portfolio management routines. He leverages these efficiencies built up over multiple parallel optimisations with a core team that abstracts them into proprietary internal tools and automation techniques used for portfolio management and deal simulation.

Jugal works with a portfolio of over 45 companies and advises them across a spectrum of operations ranging from financial modelling to reporting, and simulations to process design. Jugal also assists entrepreneurs in visualizing their financials, streamlining operations, and bolstering their internal reporting frameworks. He has directly increased their efficiencies by over USD 5 million so far across various areas.

As an Entrepreneur in Residence at 3one4 capital, Jugal has cofounded Numer, a platform that is aimed to empower entrepreneurs and investors to effectively manage their cash flows and capital relationships with the same expertise with which they build and market their products. The platform is in the final stages of its beta deployment.

Prior to 3one4, Jugal was part of the risk advisory vertical at Grant Thornton India LLP where he was essential in advising listed and mid-sized companies to identify and manage operational risk, and standardizing business operations. Jugal holds a Bachelor’s in Commerce from St Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore.